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When you’re looking to enlist a private security detail, that word is crucial: detail.

Attention to detail is the first rule of order at Detroit Executive Group. Maybe it’s our military training. Or decades of experience in law enforcement.

But when three seasoned police officers – each with extensive military service – came together in 2007 to form an elite network of professional security specialists, we knew that alertness, a keen eye and thorough preparation were going to be every bit as important as physical prowess, marksmanship, training and the best technology and weaponry available.

That’s how we keep you safe: on the ground, on the road and in the air. At work, at home or in the public eye.

The best defense is a strong offense. That’s why we’re here.


Aviation Security

The Detroit Executive Group is the leading national provider of TSA certified Armed Security Officers (ASO) for the Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA) Access Standard Security Program (DASSP). D.E.G. personnel are positioned throughout the country to provide ASO services to authorized flight departments and fixed base operators. Our personnel are also Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Ground Security Coordinator (GSC) and Basic Screener (BST) qualified. We are highly experienced at handling the unique needs of private and VIP aircraft in the areas of pre-departure aircraft security, as well as passenger and baggage screening. Our GSCs are qualified on TSA’s Private Charter & Twelve-Five Standard Security Programs.

TSA certified Armed Security Officers

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) developed a security plan that balances the special security needs of the airport with the economic importance of general aviation flights. The plan, called the DCA Access Standard Security Program, or DASSP, allows a total of 48 general aviation flights a day leaving from designated “gateway airports“. All of these flights must have an Armed Security Officer (ASO) onboard. ASOs are specially trained law enforcement officers who are authorized by the TSA to fly onboard each general aviation aircraft operating into or out of DCA. The Detroit Executive Group can provide personnel who are certified Armed Security Officers under the DASSP program. D.E.G. operators are positioned throughout the country and stand ready to assist authorized flight departments and fixed base operators with DCA flights. Our personnel have extensive experience functioning in the corporate world and blend in, allowing the client to focus on the task at hand, business. They are vetted, screened and have received advanced medical training allowing them to seamlessly interact with MedAire staff in the event of an in-flight medical situation. We work with our corporate clients to keep pass through costs associated with DCA operations to an absolute minimum in order to maximize the value of our services. There are no hidden “fees” or administrative costs. We can also assist corporate flight departments and fixed base operators that wish to enter into the DASSP or ASO programs with the applications process and with subsequent training requirements and TSA examinations. Please contact us at your convenience to discuss our ASO program and how it can benefit your organization.


Professional Services
The Detroit Executive Group draws upon its prior military and security service as well as its vast training and experience as law enforcement officers to bring your company more than is expected. Our personnel are also trainers and consultants, tools your company can use to better protect assets, employees and operations. We also excel in aviation security, counter surveillance and entertainment protection.


Transportation Services
Our personnel have participated in motorcades for high level political figures and have executed convoy operations overseas in extremely high-threat environments. These real-world experiences and expertise are applied during our transportation operations. The secure movement of your executives, high-value personnel, precious gems, or currency transactions is always a concern as the reputation and livelihood of your company is at stake. The Detroit Executive Group utilizes its training and experience to provide these services with discretion to avoid any breaches of security and to ensure the privacy of our clients.


Threat Assessments
Whether you are dealing with a current threat or seeking to mitigate futures ones, the Detroit Executive Group can provide the services of seasoned law enforcement officers to assist with your investigation. We can also conduct in-depth vulnerability assessments to determine the amount of risk your company and executives are being exposed to or are putting themselves in, without their knowledge in most cases.


The Detroit Executive Group provides a wide range of consulting and training services. Whether it is providing site surveys for your company, training of your executives before they travel overseas, or looking at your current security practices and suggesting improvements, we have the expertise to assist you. If you are interested in more information on training, please contact us by using the form at the bottom of this page.


Residential and business protection
This is the area in which the Detroit Executive Group was founded and excels. We have been providing protective services for VIPs and top-level business executives at their offices, homes, and in their travels since the mid 90’s. The consolidation of the training and experience of its founders has led to the formation of this diverse, dynamic, and professional company that is committed to providing a quality, discreet service to its clients. Whether it is a twelve-man personal security detail or a one-man driver detail, we have the best-trained security specialists to meet your needs.


Counter Surveillance
According to Eavesdropping News the U.S State Department estimates that there are over 700.000 eavesdropping devices sold each year. They advised that the State Department also reported over 6,500 incidents of industrial espionage occurring in the United States each year. With the current economy and businesses struggling to survive, can you afford to become a victim of industrial espionage? Having confidential information such as sales strategies, bid amounts and marketing plans fall into the hands of your competition could spell disaster for your business. Hotels and gyms have even been victims of hidden cameras left in bedrooms and locker rooms resulting in loss of business and embarrassment. The Detroit Executive Groups trained professionals can conduct comprehensive sweeps of your boardroom, business or telephone systems. We have the ability to locate and remove both audio and visual surveillance equipment that threatens your business to ensure your trade secrets remain exactly that, a secret.


Entertainment Protection Services
Whether in the Metro area, domestically or abroad, The Detroit Executive Group can provide personnel for transportation and security of actors, crew & musicians. This helps to ensure smooth production services as well as the ability to meet timeline and budgetary goals. Our personnel can also assist with other important factors such as weapons familiarization training and providing instructional guidance on real world tactics and procedures to help ensure accuracy in productions.
The Detroit Executive Group is licensed under Michigan License Number L260953

Why Hire Us?

Your business. When your personnel, property or assets are at risk, the flow of business is impeded. Our diverse portfolio of services is adaptable to different situations and environments, allowing your business to succeed.

Our people. Our security specialists bring to the table years of training and operational experience in private security operations, law enforcement, intelligence and military special operations units. This enables them to function effectively and discreetly in challenging and unpredictable environments as well as in varied geographic and social situations and the corporate world.

Our beliefs. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. We believe in a personal and business code of ethics and behavior that espouses integrity, honor, loyalty and diversity. We are compliant with governmental regulations, local, state, national and international laws, and we strive to serve our clients and the communities they support in a manner that is morally, ethically and environmentally sound.

Our Relationships. Our global network of operators, associates and business partners helps to streamline our services and provide the right mixture of personnel and assets to accomplish taskings set forth by our clients. The relationships we have developed with law enforcement and governmental agencies over the years helps to ensure a timely, discreet and cost effective delivery of services.

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Employment Opportunities


Due to the nature of our business and certification criteria, employment is open ONLY to military, law enforcement, or retired law enforcement personnel.

Military with special operations background preferred but not required.

Also, please note that we are NOT hiring for TSA positions of any kind.

If you fit the above requirements please email your resume to apply.deg@gmail.com