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Aviation Security

Aviation Security

The Detroit Executive Group is pleased to announce a national capablity to provide TSA certified Armed Security Officers (ASO) for the Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA) Access Standard Security Program (DASSP).

D.E.G. personnel are positioned throughout the country to provide ASO services to authorized flight departments and fixed base operators. Please review our Aviation Security Systems page for more information.

Our personnel are Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Ground Security Coordinator (GSC) and Basic Screener (BST) qualified. We are highly experienced at handling the unique needs of private and VIP aircraft in the areas of pre-departure aircraft security, as well as passenger and baggage screening. Our GSCs are qualified on TSA's Private Charter, Twelve-Five, and upcoming Large Aircraft Security Programs.





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TSA certified Armed Security Officers

Immediately following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) was closed to general aviation aircraft because of its proximity to downtown Washington, D.C. After conducting a thorough security review in partnership with other Departments of Homeland Security and Defense agencies, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) developed a security plan that balances the special security needs of the airport with the economic importance of general aviation flights. The plan, called the DCA Access Standard Security Program, or DASSP, allows a total of 48 general aviation flights a day leaving from designated "gateway airports". All of these flights must have an Armed Security Officer (ASO) onboard. ASOs are specially trained law enforcement officers who are authorized by the TSA to fly onboard each general aviation aircraft operating into or out of DCA.

The Detroit Executive Group can provide personnel who are certified Armed Security Officers under the DASSP program. D.E.G. operators are positioned throughout the country and stand ready to assist authorized flight departments and fixed base operators with DCA flights.

Our personnel have extensive experience functioning in the corporate world and blend in, allowing the client to focus on the task at hand, business. They are vetted, screened and have received advanced medical training allowing them to seamlessly interact with MedAire staff in the event of an in-flight medical situation.

We work with our corporate clients to keep pass through costs associated with DCA operations to an absolute minimum in order to maximize the value of our services. There are no hidden “fees” or administrative costs. After each flight a debriefing is conducted to assist with improving our delivery of services to each individual client. We can also assist corporate flight departments and fixed base operators that wish to enter into the DASSP or ASO programs with the applications process and with subsequent training requirements and TSA examinations. Please contact us at your convenience to discuss our ASO program and how it can benefit your organization.



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