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For many years, crimes against houses of worship have gone almost unnoticed.  The occasional church burning in the southern states seemed to be the only crime widely reported by the media.  Over the past ten years, we have seen a drastic increase in the violent crimes directed toward churches and their congregations. Church shootings, thefts, bomb threats, and other disturbances are not things that happen in other states. The sad reality is that these do occur in Michigan and seem to be rising at an alarming rate.  The main question to ask is: “Is my church prepared to deal with any of these mentioned threats to include medical emergencies?”

If the answer to that question is no or I do not know, then contacting the Detroit Executive Group, LLC, should be your next plan of action.  1 Chronicles Chapter 26 talks about the formation of the gatekeepers from different tribes, and is the exact approach that we at Detroit Executive Group use. We do not come into your house of worship as strangers and take over. We come in and train your volunteer members how to become effective gatekeepers for your church.  

The Detroit Executive Group, LLC, is receptive of the need for security within the church, and has developed a successful three-part training program directed towards helping churches become more secure in a very discreet, nonthreatening manner.  










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