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Counter SurviellanceAccording to Eavesdropping News the U.S State Department estimates that there are over 700.000 eavesdropping devices sold each year.  They advised that the State Department also reported over 6,500 incidents of industrial espionage occurring in the United States each year.

With the current economy and businesses struggling to survive, can you afford to become a victim of industrial espionage? Having confidential information such as sales strategies, bid amounts and marketing plans fall into the hands of your competition could spell disaster for your business. Hotels and gyms have even been victims of hidden cameras left in bedrooms and locker rooms resulting in loss of business and embarrassment.

The Detroit Executive Groups trained professionals can conduct comprehensive sweeps of your boardroom, business or telephone systems. We have the ability to locate and remove both audio and visual surveillance equipment that threatens your business to ensure your trade secrets remain exactly that, a secret.












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