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Why hire the Detroit Executive Group?

Your business. When your personnel, property or assets are at risk, the flow of business is impeded. Our diverse portfolio of services is adaptable to different situations and environments, allowing your business to succeed.

Our people. Our security specialists bring to the table years of training and operational experience in private security operations, law enforcement, intelligence and military special operations units. This enables them to function effectively and discreetly in challenging and unpredictable environments as well as in varied geographic and social situations and the corporate world.

Our beliefs. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. We believe in a personal and business code of ethics and behavior that espouses integrity, honor, loyalty and diversity. We are compliant with governmental regulations, local, state, national and international laws, and we strive to serve our clients and the communities they support in a manner that is morally, ethically and environmentally sound.

Our Relationships. Our global network of operators, associates and business partners helps to streamline our services and provide the right mixture of personnel and assets to accomplish taskings set forth by our clients. The relationships we have developed with law enforcement and governmental agencies over the years helps to ensure a timely, discreet and cost effective delivery of services.




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